What working with us can bring you


Maintaining a healthy body

We organize various onsite wellness and healthcare workshops and sessions, including those delivered by psysicians, chiropractic plus physical therapy, and massage services. You can also choose from a number of fitness centers with a very special price to keep you excercising after work.


Being healthy isn’t a goal but is a way of living

That’s why we offer a Premium plus medical subscription for all our employees. You can also add family members to these services.


Manage finances lika a pro

Choose one of the best deals for your money, special designed banking plans for Arvato employees. Some services include loans, special conditions for salary payment, retirement plans and insurance. We offer many resources to help you stay financially fit.


Continue to invest in you

We offer a wide variety of trainings for your professional and personal growth, both in house delivered or accessed via the online dedicated leading e-learning platform, for some of our projects we also have a language school where you can deepen your language knowledge and have native or near native language proficiency.


Work and play

No matter the age, it’s important to keep your inner child active and happy. We have various onsite relaxation and playing rooms for you to enjoy in every working day.


Socially active

Like most people, we like to party, go to the movies and attend cool events in our local community, if you like that to, just join us.


Help your community

We give our employees the change to be an active volunteer in the local community by joining our educational corporate social responsibility program, adding value to it with the talent and expertise they bring by joining the program.

Create your career now !

Most of the positions we offer are entry-level and this is just one of the reasons why we make the perfect company where you can kick-start your career.

What to expect


To impress our customers time and again is what drives our organization. We are only happy when they are delighted. This shared passion for giving our best inspires us and makes going the extra mile a part of our working culture.


We believe that everyone should be able to pursue their professional as well as their personal goals. That is why we offer diverse work environments, develop people according to their individual needs and assign them sophisticated tasks which will let them grow.

Team commitment

Success results from every single one of us giving our best. But it is our joint effort that will let us reach our ambitious goals. At Arvato you will find a work environment that encourages teamwork. Come and see for yourself those teams with a different attitude.


We have made it a habit to face new challenges with an open mind and creative ideas. Together with our efficiency and our vast experience in terms of different markets and industries, they allow us to drive innovation for our customers with everything we do.

Careers in Arvato Romania

New prospects for thought leaders

There are now more than 70.000 people in over 40 countries working for Arvato – that is to say, for our clients. Whatever tasks and challenges we face across units and markets, we are united by one common goal: not just to satisfy our customers, but to delight them time and again with the work we do for them.
This is demanding, but at the same time it grants us the creative leeway to achieve our goals. And it presents us with exceptional career opportunities. We are being encouraged to think ahead and take an entrepreneurial stance on doing business. An extraordinary team spirit, a co-operative management culture and individual support help us to not only meet any challenge, but to excel ourselves in what we do.